Created on December 23, 1980, Sto. Niño celebrates its founding anniversary every December 18 of every year through cultural and fun events and activities that take off with an opening salvo every December 12 and final/big day every December 18. In between these dates include activities such as but not limited to street dancing, farmers’ day, children’s day, pasikatay sa barangay (healthy competition fun shows among 10 Barangays), kasalan ng bayan (mass wedding), search of mutya ng Sto. Niño, motocross, boxing, zumba healthy exercise, bloodingletting, mayor’s cup basketball, inter-agency employee’s night, live band party, and other activities. Displays/Exhibits like Christmas lights/decorations, parol along national road, bahay kubo and product display, ferias and amusements, trade fair, restaurant/food bazaar, and other new shows that may be included every succeeding year.

Hinublag Festival

Hinublag Festival started in the year 2000 as a celebration of abundance of harvest and hope for future free from poverty; the place being agricultural and palay production is more than sufficient for local comsumption. It is celebrated together with the founding anniversary every December 18 with highlights like the Farmer’s Day and other activities.


The town’s Patronal Fiesta is a religious celebration of reverence and devotion to the patron saint of the town and at the same respect, it has become the name of the town itself, Sto. Niño; aSpanish term for a “child saint”. It is celebrated not on a fixed date but every third Sunday of January.


Panapat Festival is celebrated through tree planting/growing activity. Panapat is an acronym for pananom, patubo, patahum; it is a whole day activity for tree planting/tree growing along the road sides, public lands, and areas in town allowed by land owners.