Development Thrust

  • Agricultural development
  • Agro-tourism development
  • Agro-industrial development

Development Strategy

  • Increase income through multiple crop production
  • Provide adequate infrastructure support
  • Improve municipal economy through intensified commerce and trade
  • Develop natural and man-made potentials

Development Goals

  • Realization of healthy, productive, and empowerment citizenry working together for a better quality of life
  • Achieving sustainable income through agriculture, trade, and tourism innovations
  • Reduction of environmental threats, sustainability of solid  waste management, and intensifying environmental protection, management, and enhancement
  • Providing professional and institutional development support systems for the human resource

Social Health

  • to reduce the occurrence of diseases and health hazards
  • to expand provision of health

Education and Workforce

  • to broaden support for children and youth education, and prepare the workface to become competitive in the labor market

Social Welfare

  • to enable the target poor families meet their basic needs, and elevate their condition through a quick responsive system.

Protective Services

  • to preserve Peace and Order in the area of jurisdiction

Sports and Recreation

  • To promote sports and physical fitness for active citizenry, and to produce athletes/delegates in sports competitions


  • To strengthen faith through spiritual and values formation

Gender and Development

  • to mainstream GAD program in organizations and marginalized sectors of society



  • to make science and technology work to advance and sustain agricultural production, processing and marketing
  • to promote organic farming making use of available/local resources
  • to provide farmers pre- and post- harvest facilities
  • to support, cooperatives in their effort for economic prosperity

Trade and Industry

  • to develop local enterprise and farm markets
  • to devise and strengthen support systems to help increase local income


  • to develop tourism as relevant potential for economic vitality and income generation


  • to reduce environmental threats and strengthen proper solid waste management
  • to protect residents from runoffs of Allah River, creeks, and other water source during heavy rains
  • to promote countryside’s natural and aesthetic potentials



  • to increase protection and devt. efforts in roads,  bridges, and other networks to secure people and product safety while on travel
  • to advance infrastructure services as means for economic devt. and people’s safety and convenience
  • to expand services for people in remote areas and sustain their access to safe water


  • to increase local income and reduce IRA dependency of the municipality
  • to establish support for continuing professional development, reward system, and employees’ welfare
  • to instigate appropriate systems and structures for efficient local govt. operation